Let me introduce us.

Hello, I’m Bruce the founder of Home Maintenance Solution, Inc in St.Louis, MO. I have six children and we live on a small piece of property on which we live, play, and work. My family came to St.Louis in 1920 when my great grandfather immigrated here and we’ve been ever since. I have been married to my wonderful wife LynDelle since 1991 and we desire that everything we do honors God.

My company operates an in-home monthly repair service which emphasizes preventive maintenance and repairs. You see, we believe that catching home repair problems when they are small is the best way to keep homes in smooth running order on the smallest budget possible. I developed a monthly routine that assesses all the components of a house regularly and we get nothing but good things being said about it!

This site has been developed to take this concept to you, the do it yourselfer! So no matter how you found us, make sure you subscribe to our free email updates on the right sidebar!

Lookin’ for something? Maybe you’re looking for an answer to a one-time repair problem or maybe you just can’t seem to keep up with the barrage of issues that come up in the home repair world. Whether you are an experienced handyman or a beginner in a home for the first time, you ended up hear for a reason. Get a drink & a snack and stay a while. Enjoy the things that we have here. They’re for you!

To help you further, there is a list of some of our posts on the left sidebar, but you can always click the House Repairs Yourself logo on the header of any page and just start with our most recent material. Additionally, you can use the search bar to look for something in particular.

My desire is to help you over the long haul to strengthen your family by keeping your home in good repair. When I see things throughout my day that I think you might be helped by or interested in, I’ll post them. Please make it a point to comment and engage me and the others that are part of this community. Together, we can help each other reach the goal of “bringing our families home”.

If you are just overwhelmed with trying to keep up with home repairs on a small budget, then you may want to consider becoming one of our Equipped Members and receive monthly home assessment documents. You can go to the top of the right side bar (by the PayPal button) to get all the info that we have. If you still have a question, feel free to email me by clicking the contact us link in the menu bar.

Thanks for coming by… enjoy!


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