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Here we have a passion for simplifying home ownership. Through the years, as we’ve worked our remodeling business, we’ve gotten myriads of questions and requests from homeowners about those little things around the house that exasperate them and disrupt their daily lives. That cabinet knob that falls off, that appliance that sounds like a jet engine, the door that is constantly squeaking or jamming – little nuisances that affect our peace of mind in a big way.

In 2004, we launched our handyman repair company called Home Maintenance Solution, Inc. and now I am thrilled to be launching the online part of our business! After over eighteen years of experience in St. Louis, Missouri, I am excited to be able to give more people the help they need! My hope is that these resources will equip you to take dominion of distractions around your home and get back to the important things in life. Step by step, these simple videos and blog posts instruct you about the repair process to follow, with very little prior knowledge required on your part.

Family is extremely important to us, so you will probably meet most of our members as you browse our videos. Our kids love to get in on the action! From our goals to photography, video editing, and website management, HouseRepairsYourself.com is a family affair – get yours involved, too! We desire to help you bring your family home!

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