Are your Smoke Detectors still protecting?

Research has found that smoke detectors don’t last more than 10 years…that is they aren’t dependable after such length of time. With this in mind, it is important to not only test your smoke alarms regularly, but also check the date of manufacture. How to do this? Usually, those dates are printed on the back of the body of the alarm.

Date on back

Here’s a picture of one. You will need to rotate the alarm off the mounting plate and examine the back of the alarm. If the date is over10 years, then it’s time for a trip to the home center.

If you have hard wired alarms, like the one shown in the picture, then you will need to know that those things talk to each other. For instance, if you have smoke in the basement, then that alarm will send a signal throughout the wiring system to the other alarms and folks sleeping on the 2nd floor will get a life saving awakening! It’s a great system, BUT you need to be aware that different brands of detectors don’t necessarily talk to one another. If you need to replace a hard wired alarm, then most likely, you will need to replace them all. A quick test of your new alarm will tell you if it’s communicating with the others. The wiring is usually very simple. The white and black wires supply the power (hot and neutral) and the red wire is for communicating with the other units.

So that’s the basics of what you need to know to make sure that when/if your family is needing a smoke detector, it won’t be expired! If you would like to learn more about the science of detecting fires and the two main types of detectors, then check out this article with the full run down!

Smoke alarm nut and bolts

Get your Fall look on!

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What’s on your spring list?

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The corner dilemma

Here’s an idea that is out of the box! What creative ideas did you come up with in your kitchen? I saw this and had to share it. Enjoy!

Use Houzz to spark your creative side!

Here are some projects that we have done in the past. The first picture is a “before” picture. I hope they help you get the creative juices flowing!

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A/C start up- just flip the switch, right?

Have you run your A/C yet? Do you just think you can flip the switch and expect it to come on as needed? Maybe, but that’s not the best plan! Let’s look at two things you can do to head off 95% of your spring A/C problems.

First, always rinse the exterior fins out before start up. The months that have past since it last ran can cause lots of build up. It’s like breathing through a dirty dust mask.. every breath is laborsome!

Rinse the fins on your A/C

Rinsing from the inside is the best, but it’s better to wash it from the outside than not at all. If you do it from the outside, then rinse from the top down so that the debris runs out with the water as opposed to spraying straight into the fins which can drive the debris in deeper.

Second, check your condensate drain tube on the interior air handler. Blow through the tube to make sure it is flowing freely and visually inspect the end by the drain. Make sure that the tube allows the condensation to easily flow from the pan that catches it on the inside of the air handler to the floor drain on the outside.

Condensate drain tube

For a quick third bonus, change that Air filter while your in there!

These three tips will help keep most A/C problems away this spring! Enjoy!

Replace a water heater element

Here’s a quick one on how to replace an element on an electric water heater. If you have an electric water heater that has all of a sudden started giving out luke warm water, then this is probably your problem. Watch this short video and give it a try! While your watching, please subscribe to our channel!

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!

To all you Do It Yourself repair folks, I really hope you have a great day of celebrating and giving thanks! We all have things in our life, no matter how bad or good it is right now, that we can be thankful for (not really going to worry about ending that in a preposition; for you grammar people out there).

I hope your life is full of joy and your home is a place of bustling family fun during this special time in America, but if you can’t say that’s true, then the words of a wise friend ring in my ears. He said, “There are millions of people in this world that would love to trade your set of problems with you right now.”

So take this opportunity to thank God for the many blessings in your life today! (and enjoy feasting, fun, & FOOTBALL!)

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!


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