3 Best Ways to Lower Heating Bills

I saw this article and thought it was well done and very helpful! Enjoy!

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Shower problems- wet ceiling?

If you have a water spot on your ceiling below the shower, then get familiar with this possible cause!

A/C start up- just flip the switch, right?

Have you run your A/C yet? Do you just think you can flip the switch and expect it to come on as needed? Maybe, but that’s not the best plan! Let’s look at two things you can do to head off 95% of your spring A/C problems.

First, always rinse the exterior fins out before start up. The months that have past since it last ran can cause lots of build up. It’s like breathing through a dirty dust mask.. every breath is laborsome!

Rinse the fins on your A/C

Rinsing from the inside is the best, but it’s better to wash it from the outside than not at all. If you do it from the outside, then rinse from the top down so that the debris runs out with the water as opposed to spraying straight into the fins which can drive the debris in deeper.

Second, check your condensate drain tube on the interior air handler. Blow through the tube to make sure it is flowing freely and visually inspect the end by the drain. Make sure that the tube allows the condensation to easily flow from the pan that catches it on the inside of the air handler to the floor drain on the outside.

Condensate drain tube

For a quick third bonus, change that Air filter while your in there!

These three tips will help keep most A/C problems away this spring! Enjoy!

Fix it or not? 8 things to consider when selling.

I found this article on Houzz today by Laura Gaskill and thought some of you might be interested. Enjoy!

Prevent rot!

Don’t let this happen to your house!

Almost every house I look at has this scenario. Here we have a rotten trim board over a garage opening that doesn’t stand a chance. All the water that hits the siding above lands in the J channel and runs until it finds the seam. This is a recipe for disaster! Many times a contractor will try to caulk the J channel to prevent this, but vinyl expands and contracts way too much to depend on caulk.

Let’s look at a more dependable solution…metal flashing! By adding a Z flashing, as it is commonly referred to, this rotting can effectively be prevented. The repair involves removing the siding above the trim board and installing the flashing against the sheathing. Nail it high to avoid penetrations low on the metal where the water will be. You can also set it in a bead of caulk to be sure that no water gets behind it.

“Z” Flashing

You can bend your own if you have a metal brake or buy the pre-bent version shown here. I found this at our local home center. Bending your own, ensures that the horizontal distance between the two bends matches exactly to the horizontal protruding distance of you wood trim.

If you need to use more than one length over your trim board, then lap the seam and use a good urethane caulk to seal the joint. When the rain comes rolling down your siding now your wood will be protected from its greatest threat… water!

Hope this helps you bring your family home!

Bruce Petrov, founder of Home Maintenance Solution, Inc.

Replace a water heater element

Here’s a quick one on how to replace an element on an electric water heater. If you have an electric water heater that has all of a sudden started giving out luke warm water, then this is probably your problem. Watch this short video and give it a try! While your watching, please subscribe to our channel!

Home Maintenance Workout!

Get your body and home in top notch shape!

Guest post brought to you by GreenPal

Homeownership comes with a ton of responsibility. Just the upkeep of the property can be staggering. Sitting on the couch like a potato just is not an option.
The projects can be labor intensive and luckily a great workout.

How much work-out value?

Shoveling snow, mowing, digging and moving dirt and rocks is hard work but comes with many health benefits. All these tasks are great exercise! The more you do the better.

Looking for a great cardio workout? All you have to do is look to your home improvement plan and get busy.

Working around the house can have the same results as swimming, running , walking and weight training. No need to purchase specialized equipment, or pay for an expensive gym membership. Just walk out to the shed, grab your tools and get to work. What is needed is consistency..

There is something so rewardable about taking care of what you own and that includes your body. You need a certain amount of vigorous activity several times weekly for your body to perform at its peak level. Home improvement chores and yard work can provide you with hours of quality muscle building, fat burning exercise.

You can take the dog for a walk or you can sand the wood floors. Ok, that probably is not a good example as you will need to take the dog for a walk regardless but I am sure you see where I am going with this.
To maintain a healthy body weight it is essential that you burn more calories that you take in and home maintenance will provide you with hours of fat burning activity.

You will be doing your neighborhood a favor by keeping your property value high and doing yourself a personal favor by keeping yourself fit, toned and healthy. The healthier you are the more enjoyment you will get out of life and that is what it is all about.

Thanks, Bryan, for that great guest post! I love the concept of working your way to the fitness level you desire. Now, in more ways than one, we are helping you bring your family home!

Replace a Drain Basket on Kitchen sink

Here we show how to replace a sink drain basket on a kitchen sink. We will show you step by step how to remove the old one and install the new one. Also, some drain pipe adjustment. Comment below and enjoy!


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